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360 Degree Fitness Weighted Hula Hoop

After going through a postpartum weight reduction journey, we made the decision to establish the ALKANAY store. Losing weight is challenging as it is. And when you try to do it after giving birth, you soon realize that you have a tough road ahead. The pandemic has also made things a lot more difficult.

What makes our smart weighted hula hoop products unique is that we are always committed to value and excellence. These products are designed to be simple, seamless and easy to use, and you will be incredibly impressed with the value and quality every time. When it comes to working out and developing strategies to support women in staying in shape constantly, we have a rich history.

If there’s one thing that you need to know about us, it is the fact that we have been in the same boat as you. As we struggled a lot to take care of our infant, we had to deal with the uncertainties that came with carrying more weight.

Yes, new moms often struggle to lose weight. Their confidence suffers as a result of those extra, lingering pounds. When women realize that they cannot fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes even after giving birth, they become frustrated.

Additionally, all of this may be a factor in postpartum depression. We have experienced this before. We made the decision to take action to assist others in overcoming this difficult time in the form of a 360 degree fitness weighted hula hoop because we went through a similar predicament.

We were aware of the restrictions people have to face during COVID, which keeps them from leading healthy lives. When you are confined to your home, how active can you be? We discovered a method and decided to spread it throughout the world.

The ALKANAY store is named after two people: my wife Alka, who went through this hardship, and my son Anay, who brought joy into our life. So who are we? We are one of you who were once looking for answers just like you. We work to assist others in achieving their goals now that we have discovered it. In the end, your health should always come first.

We encourage you to visit our store and buy the best weighted exercise hoola hoop at an affordable price. Do not worry, we have tutorials to guide you. You can also contact our support team to know more about our products and features.

Smart Hula Hoop

6 Reasons to Give Hula Hooping a Try

  • icon1
    Lose Weight

    Exercise like hooping can help you lose inches around your waist and hips.

  • icon2
    Burns Calories

    This smart hula hoop can burn 3x more calories than a traditional hula hoop.

  • Healthy Heart
    Healthy Heart

    Hooping improves your heart and lungs, your oxygen flow throughout your body.

  • Just 30 Minutes
    Just 30 Minutes

    With hula hooping, you can burn 600 calories on average in 30 minutes.

  • Keeps You Balanced
    Keeps You Balanced

    Your posture and body are both better when you have a healthy balance.

  • Tone and Sculpt
    Tone and Sculpt

    Get the most out of your workouts with this fun and easy tool

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Frequently Asked Questions

The magnetic massage smart hula hoop contains additional soft massage heads with magnetic pads. You simply have to rotate, and press and the rest will be taken care of by the hoop.

There’s no fixed answer to this. Every weight loss journey is unique. However, if you follow our guidance properly, you will get back your fit lifestyle soon enough. And that too, without compromising on your kid’s care.

Smart Hula Ring Hoops are the next generation of hula hoops. Traditional Hula Hoops can be hard and frustrating. The Smart Hula Hoops are easy to use, don’t fall, and are great for beginners! The Smart Hula Hoop just got even better! You get to keep track of your time, revolutions, and calories burned by using the rubber ball which creates centrifugal force. Now you can exercise with a hula hoop in a fun way!

Just connect the links (with the sensor) like the rest. Make sure you don’t detach the red piece when you use the smart hula hoop.

The Smart Hula Hoop is perfect for beginners. Our products are easy to assemble so beginners can use them. If you use it consistently, you’ll definitely lose weight. Many of our customers have now achieved their fitness goals.

Our smart hula hoop is great for exercising. Using this for 30 minutes is similar to one hour of jogging / swimming for 30 minutes. Many of our customers are happy with our smart hula hoop! We recommend you try the smart hula hoop and see for yourself.

I think so. Use weighted hula hoop in spare time every day. After a month, you will be realized that people around you would be in surprised, how it is useful. I’m sure it won’t be long before you can wear a beautiful dress.

Each section can be detached, so you can adjust it to your own size. Fit snugly around your waist, but I suggest leaving a little gap, it will make your waist feel more comfortable.