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Unlocking Fun and Fitness: The Smart Hula Hoop Craze Hits New Zealand

Kia ora, fellow Kiwis! After the chaos of Covid, it’s hit home that life’s about as certain as a weather forecast in Otago. But here’s the good oil: we reckon we can crack on and live our best lives by staying hale and hearty. In today’s world, we’ve got choices galore to get fighting fit and make the most of every day.

Eh, remember the buzz of spinning a hula hoop round your guts as a young fulla? Now, reckon that same kiddy fun, but jacked up with slick tech and fitness perks. That’s the magic of smart hula hoops – the latest craze sweeping the fitness scene in Aotearoa. In a world where staying active is as crucial as a good feed of fish and chips, these flash hoops offer a mint way to work your core, burn off the tucker, and bring back that buzzy childhood vibe. Keen to join the ride as we suss out the epic world of smart weighted hula hoops, where fitness and fun come together like pavlova and whipped cream in the heart of Kiwi culture?

Get this, though – did you know that just 15-30 minutes of smart hula hoop a day can be a game-changer for your health? True as, mate! A little sweat sesh can set you up for a longer, happier life. So, why not chuck on those jandals, grab your togs, and dive into some fitness fun? With a dash of effort each day, you’re giving yourself the best shot at kicking it with good health for yonks to come.

Can hula hooping slim your waist?

Yeah, bro! Smart Hula hooping is like a secret weapon for trimming down your waist. It’s not just about having a laugh – swinging that hoop works your abs like a charm. Give it a whirl for 10-15 minutes a day, and you’ll notice the difference in no time. So, if you’re keen to shape up and look choice, grab a hoop and get spinning!

Is hula hooping a good exercise for Weight Loss?

Yeah, bro! The smart hula hoops the bee’s knees for blasting belly fat. It’s like the classic hula hoop, but with a high-tech twist. With its fancy features and clever design, it’s a cracking way to tone up your tum and trim those love handles. Give it a go for 15-30 minutes a day, and watch that belly fat melt away faster than a pavlova at a summer BBQ. So, if you’re keen to get rid of that spare tyre and look sharp as a tack, grab yourself a smart hula hoop and get spinning!

What happens to your body when you hula hoop everyday?

Sweet as, mate! When you’re hula hooping every day with the Alkanay Store’s smart hula hoop, your body’s in for a treat. Your core muscles, including your abs and obliques, get a solid workout, helping to strengthen and tone them up. Plus, your hips and thighs get in on the action too, helping you shape up and feel mint. And since it’s such a fun and enjoyable workout, you’ll be keen to keep at it day after day. So grab your hoop, get spinning, and watch your body feel stronger and more toned with each session!

Does hula hooping give you an hourglass figure?

Sure thing, buddy! Smart Hula hooping is like the secret weapon for scoring that hourglass figure. It works wonders for toning up your waist and hips, giving you those sweet curves. Keep at it for a few minutes every day, and you’ll be rocking that hourglass vibe in no time. So, if you’re keen to shape up and strut your stuff like a true Kiwi legend, grab that hoop and get spinning!

How long does it take to hula hoop to burn 100 calories?

Aye, mate! How long it takes to burn 100 calories with a smart hula hoop depends on a few things, like your weight and how hard you’re spinning that hoop. On average, though, you might be looking at around 10-15 minutes of solid hooping to knock off those 100 cals. But hey, everyone’s different, so listen to your body and take it at your own pace. Just keep spinning, and you’ll get there in no time!

Does weighted hula hoop go on hips or waist?

Eh, bro! When it comes to weighted hula hoops, you want to pop ’em around your waist, mate. That’s where they work their magic, toning up those abs and obliques as you give ’em a good spin. So, grab your hoop, sling it around your waist, and get ready to feel the burn!

Should you hula hoop in both directions?

Yeah, bro! When you’re using a smart hula hoop, it’s sweet to spin it in both directions. That way, you’re giving your core muscles a full workout, from your abs to your sides. Plus, mixing it up helps keep things interesting, so you’re less likely to get bored. So chuck on some tunes, grab your hoop, and get spinning both ways for a wicked workout!

Does the hula hoop exercise thing really work?

Yeah, mate, you bet it does! Hula hoop exercises are the real deal when it comes to toning up your body. They’re not just a bit of fun – spinning that hoop is a legit workout for your core muscles, helping to strengthen your abs and trim down that waistline. Plus, it’s a top way to get your heart pumping and burn off a few calories. So, if you’re keen to get fit and have a laugh while doing it, grab your hoop and get spinning, bro!

Can hula hoops make your waist smaller?

Absolutely, mate! Using a smart hula hoop can definitely help trim down that waistline. When you spin that hoop, it’s like giving your abs a solid workout, helping to tone up those muscles and shed any extra inches around your middle. Plus, it’s a fun and easy way to stay active and feel mint, so why not give it a go? Grab your hoop and get spinning – your waist will thank you for it!

How many minutes a day should I hula hoop to lose weight?

Aye, mate! To shed some kilos with your hula hoop, aim for around 15-30 minutes of hooping each day. That’ll give you a solid workout without overdoing it. Of course, if you’re keen to do more, go for it! Just listen to your body and take it at your own pace. With a bit of regular hooping, you’ll be feeling trim and tip-top in no time!

Has anyone lost weight with hula hoops?

Yeah, heaps of people have seen awesome results with a smart hula hoop, mate! It’s like a secret weapon for shedding those extra kilos. By hooping for just a few minutes each day, folks have noticed their waistlines slimming down and their overall fitness levels improving. It’s a fun and easy way to get moving, so why not give it a crack? You might just be surprised by the results!

Is a weighted hula hoop better than a smart hula hoop?

It depends, mate! Both weighted and smart hula hoops have their pros and cons. Weighted hoops are great for building strength in your core muscles and can help you work up a sweat. On the other hand, smart hoops add an extra element of fun and often come with cool features like tracking your workouts. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what works best for you. So give both a go and see which one floats your boat!

Does the smart hula hoop actually work?

Yeah, mate, the smart hula hoops the real deal! It’s not just a gimmick – it’s a legit way to get fit and have a blast while doing it. By spinning that hoop, you’re giving your core muscles a solid workout, helping to tone up your abs and trim down your waistline. Plus, with smart features like tracking your workouts, it’s easier than ever to stay motivated and on track with your fitness goals. So chuck on some tunes, grab your hoop, and get spinning – you won’t regret it!

Which type of hula hoop is best?

Ah, mate, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to that! The best type of hula hoop depends on what you’re after. If you’re keen to build strength and tone up, you might want to check out the smart hula hoop from Alkanay Store. It’s got some awesome features to track your workouts and keep you motivated. But if you’re after a more traditional vibe, a weighted hoop could be the way to go. It’s all about finding what works best for you and getting into the groove. So give a few different types a try and see which one feels mint!

How many calories does a 30 minute smart hula hoop burn?

Ah, cheers, mate! With the Alkanay Store’s smart weighted hula hoop, you’re onto something sweet. A solid 30-minute sesh could torch anywhere from 600 to 800 calories! But remember, it can vary depending on things like your weight and how hard you’re spinning that hoop. So chuck on some tunes, grab your hoop, and get spinning for a top-notch workout that’ll leave you feeling mint!

What areas does hula hooping target?

Hula hooping a crack-up workout that targets heaps of areas, mate! It’s mint for toning up your core muscles, including your abs, obliques, and lower back. Plus, it gives your hips and thighs a solid workout too. It’s like hitting multiple birds with one stone, eh? So chuck on some tunes, grab your hoop, and get spinning for a full-body workout that’ll leave you feeling mint!

Hey mate, how’s your fitness journey shaping up? 

Been giving that smart hula hoop a crack? I’ve been spinning mine like a champ, and let me tell ya, it’s a game-changer! Not only is it a bit of a laugh, but it’s also seriously effective for toning up. Just a few spins a day, and I’m feeling fitter and stronger already. So, how about you? Ready to join the hoop crew and get your fitness on track?

Why should we buy smart hula hoop from Alkanay Store?

Choice, mate! When it comes to picking up a smart hula hoop, Alkanay Store’s the way to go for us Kiwis. They’re local legends, dishing out top-quality gear that’s built to go the distance. Unlike those cheapo options you might find online, Alkanay’s hoops are the real deal – durable, reliable, and made to give you a ripper workout. So don’t settle for any old crap, eh? Grab your smart hoop from Alkanay Store and get spinning like a true Kiwi legend!

How can you stay healthy and in a great shape?

“Discover a Healthier You with Our Smart Weighted Hula Hoop! 💪🌟

In the quest for happiness, health, and a great shape, maintaining a routine can be a challenge. Introducing our unique Smart Weighted Hula Hoop Fitness Program, a revolutionary way to achieve your fitness goals at your own pace.

Discover the difference with our innovative hula hoop technology, offering you the flexibility to exercise on your terms while focusing on your core without the hassle of back pain. With adjustable weight, stainless steel bearings, and a magnetic massage system, our hula hoop becomes your versatile and enjoyable fitness companion.

Forget traditional hula hoops – our smart unit delivers a magnetic massage, helping to reduce unwanted body fat, increase energy levels, and ensure pain-free workouts. It’s a controllable and fun way to maintain fitness from the comfort of your own home.

Safety is our priority. Our Smart Weighted Hula Hoop is designed for durability and extensively tested for ease of use. It’s suitable for busy individuals, moms, and anyone looking for a natural weight loss solution. Just 30 minutes a day provides the equivalent workout of 3 hours of running, 4 hours of yoga, and 1 hour of swimming.

Get ready for a fat-burning revolution with our Smart Hula Hoop – it’s three times faster than the regular kind! Plus, enjoy the added benefit of 360-degree magnetic massage nodes. Just 30 minutes a day, five days a week, and you’re on your way to a healthier you!

Our hoop has built-in magnets for a massage experience while you exercise. Pair it with our top-notch High Waist Butt Lift Leggings for added comfort. It not only stimulates fat but supercharges the burning process, giving you double the results with half the effort!

Perfect for everyone – adults, kids, beginners – even if you’ve never exercised before. It’s that easy and effective!”

🌈 Conclusion: Take the leap toward a healthier lifestyle! Our Smart Weighted Hula Hoop is not just extraordinary; it’s efficient, dependable, and delivers remarkable health benefits. Try it for yourself and be amazed at the positive transformation it brings to your fitness journey!

Ready to embrace a fitter, happier you? Give the Smart Hula Fitness Hoop a try today!”


The Best Weighted Hula Hoop To Shrink Belly Fat

In addition to being a fun activity to do with children, hula hooping has become increasingly popular among women looking to lose weight. The use of a weighted hula hoop for a low-impact workout can help you lose weight and reduce your waist size.

A Smart weighted Hula Hoop can also increase resistance, intensifying your workout and burning more calories.

Jennifer added: “Hula hooping is really enjoyable, and when your workout is something you like to do, you are far more likely to stick to your routine.”

A recent study indicates that regular hula hooping is beneficial to your health. You can tone your core and postural muscles as well as burn calories fast by using Smart weighted Hula Hoops. These include your abs, obliques, and pelvic muscles.

When you balance the hula hoop around your waist and move back and forth constantly, your core is engaged and you gain strength in these muscles – even more so if you use a weighted hula hoop.

Why to Use This Smart Hula Fitness Hoop:

1. Keep track of your workouts

Track calories burned, time, and laps equivalent to your workout with an accurate digital statistics counter.

2. Weighted ball

Slim and tone all around your waist, including your abdominals, side obliques, and back muscles.

3. Use Anytime, Anywhere

Even when the gyms are closed or you are stuck at home, the Smart Hula Hoop can help you stay fit.

4. Muscle Tension Relief

A soothing magnetic therapy massage relieves muscle fatigue and tension in the lower back, side obliques, and abs.

Key Features:

1. 360 Degree Fitness Weighted Hula Hoop massager helps eliminate fatigue and burn fat and provides a full midsection massage.

2. This digital counter displays accurately how many rotations, how much time has been spent, and how many calories have been burned.

3. With an adjustable gravity sphere, the workout intensity can be adjusted by changing the rope length and weight connected to the gravity sphere.

4. This silicone massage head makes zero noise and is perfect even while the baby sleeps since it is made from skin-friendly silicone rollers.

5. Detachable design: easily remove or add segments to fit the user’s waist to prevent it from falling off.


Test it out for yourself, give it a try and you will be amazed with the health benefits that you can get from using the Smart weighted Hula Hoop. Test it out for yourself, give it a try and you will be impressed with the remarkable benefits that you can get!

Smart Fitness Hula Hoops – Latest Home Fitness Trend

Smart Fitness hula hoops are the most recent evolution of the basic waist-spinning hoop that’s existed since the 1950s. At first, there were the hula hoops, and then came the weighted hula hoops and then the modern Hula hoop that is weighted.

A Hula hoop that is weighted is an enormous ring that is a ring that you can spin around your waist, but only by using weights to make it harder to get more fitness benefits A hula hoop that is smart operates completely differently.

These hula hoops are designed to increase your waist size for a more slim result, and are also fun to play with. We think they’ll be the type of device that is destined to be part of your home gym right next to the bicycle or weights, as well as a mat. What exactly is a smart hula hoot and how does it function?

How Do You Make a Think Hula Hoop Work?

There are two kinds of smart hula hoops: one is the ones that are pre-made, and those that you build by yourself. It will always end in a hoop made of plastic which can be adjusted in size to fit comfortably around your waist. It’s ideal regardless of the size of your home gym. Once it is secured, you can begin to swing your hips in order to feel the weight moving around your body.

Certain hula hoops have padded insides that push against you when you move to help you receive a massage while you exercise. It’s also said that this message aids in losing fat around the waist.

Some best hula hoop come with display panels that let you keep track of the time you’ve been in the gym as well as the number of calories you’ve burned, the many times you’ve played and also how your battery is performing.

How Do I Buy Smart Fitness Hula Hoop

One of the most popular alternatives can be one of the most popular options is Alkanay Smart Hula Fitness Hoop. Smart Hula-Hoop can be adjusted to accommodate any waist size from 23 inches to 51 inches, without falling making it possible to increase the amount of time you work out.

As health concerns are increasing like obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle, a lack of time to exercise and the high cost of fitness equipment as well as memberships The Smart Hula Hoop is the best solution. You can take this fitness tool along on your journeys or are stuck at home. Every component can be taken apart and put back together in a matter of seconds. It’s strong and light which makes it safe to keep it in your backpack or gym bag. Ideal for those with a weight problem, such as employees and students who sit at the computer for long hours each day, as well as for moms who wants to shed post-partum weight and regain their shape.

What is the Smartest Hula Hoop?

The market has really exploded up, and there are numerous smart hula hoops choices to choose from. What are you required to consider when selecting the right hula hoop?

Certain models have screens, while others do not, so if you require one that will help narrow the options immediately. Another aspect to be considered is assembly. Some are assembled in part or even have instructions. Others could be mostly a self-service operation.

Size is a crucial aspect to take into consideration. You must ensure that the size isn’t too small or large enough to give you a snug size.

Can Hula Hooping Slim Your Waist?

All of us want to stay in shape, but unfortunately lack the time to go to the gym. The truth is that without a good exercising routine you won’t be able to lose weight. Sure, you may try dieting, but that offers minimal results if you don’t stay in shape and focus on maintaining a good workout routine. That’s where the Smart Hula Ring Hoop system comes into play, and it conveys the value and benefits you want, without any worries.

Can a Hula Hoop system help you lose weight?

Yes, the truth is that there are unique, innovative systems like the Hula Hoop Fitness Lifestyle Program that can actually help you stay in shape. But how does this work? This smart Hula Hoop solution is bringing you magnetic massage that helps you maintain a very good shape. And since it’s a smart product, you get to track your workout via your phone and see its efficiency and how much you worked out to begin with.

All this information can help you adapt your routine and push it to the next level. The fact that you are always in control is great, and it conveys the value and benefits that you may need. To make things better, here you can achieve the utmost benefits and quality, and the potential is always second to none. You will appreciate the way it all comes together and the fact that it can be a 360-degree, intense workout. It helps you bring a healthier lifestyle into your life, which is always great.

Great upgrades

This product comes with a magnetic therapy massage that’s efficient, dependable and powerful at the same time. Since it has stainless steel bearings, it helps provide the flexibility and ease of use you need in no time.

You don’t have to worry about it being hard to use. The soft massage heads bring in a great and empowering experience. You also have freedom of assembly and adjustable weights, which is great. The product has its own way of sliding smoothly and changing your lifestyle one workout at a time. You can even monitor your current progress with the LED counter display!

How much do you need to work out?

Maybe the best thing about the Smart Hula Fitness Hoop is that you can use it at home. You just have to take the unit out of the box, and you can start using it within a few seconds. You can start burning fat right away, and the more you use it, the better. The product works out of the box, it has instructions and all the details that you may need. That’s what makes it so good and interesting to begin with.

Is the Hula Hoop safe to use?

Yes, this is a product created with safety in mind from the ground up. You don’t have to worry about any issues, it’s all safe and that makes it ideal for pretty much everyone, regardless of their age. With that being said, it can also offer back pain relief, which a lot of products like this don’t really bring to the table. That’s what really brings this above all the other options.

As you can see, the Smart Hula Fitness Hoop is not only unique and interesting, it also has all you need to change your lifestyle towards something healthier. You will appreciate the quality and value, but the best part is that you’re receiving cutting edge technologies at a very good price. Being able to boost your confidence levels and focusing on your well being is crucial, and this will help you achieve all those amazing results in no time. Just give it a shot for yourself, it’s going to be well worth the money!

Can You Hula Hoop Your Way To A Slimmer Waist

The Smart weighted Hula Hoop. It is a plaything for children or an exercise tool that can be used to have fun with adults. You might actually be able to hula-hoop to slim down and tone your waist. Science has proven that there are many benefits to hula hooping beyond just increasing your heart rate.

If you want to have more fun while working out, and want to move your hips and shimmy instead of running on the treadmill then you should read this article to find out why you should get a hula-hoop.

The Lowdown on the Hula Hoop

Did you know the hula hoop was not first introduced to the public in the 1950s, but many years earlier? Hula-hoops were used by the Ancient Egyptians as well as the Greeks. Although the name isn’t hula hoop, the rings were still used for fun and games.

According to legend, ancient children would twist grape vines together and roll them along the ground. It’s a bit like “Walking the Dog” or the hula-hoop trick. At the same time, athletes from Greece used the hoops to improve their endurance and agility.

Somewhere between the 1950s and long-gone civilizations, someone decided that they wanted to have fun with the hoop. The hula-hoop phenomenon we know today was born.

Alkanay Smart Hula-Hooping Benefits

How can smart hula hooping help you get fit? These are some of the surprising benefits that Smart weighted Hula Hoop can bring to your fitness

1. Revolutionary Hula Hoop

To get back to your best and gain maximal physical fitness with the brand new and improved hula hoop weighted for adults to lose weight. Curing edge technology makes it possible to provide efficient core exercises without the back pain and exhaustion of having to continually lift your hula hoop off the ground

2. The advanced version of Hula Hoop

Does not just offer a massage with magnetic force, but the fitness hula hoop can also calm your entire body? The stainless steel bearings permit smooth glide while also stopping the hula hoop’s smart design from hitting the ground. High-quality ABS ensures that the infinity loop is strong robust, durable and secure

3. Smart Hoop Workout

Great for busy moms and busy females and males as 30 minutes of workout hoop every day is equivalent to one hour spent swimming, three minutes of running and four hours of Yoga. The hula hoop with weights comes with 16 knots detachable which allow for the adjustment of different sizes and shapes.

4. Track your workout

The weight loss hula hoop has an advanced LCD display that effortlessly monitors calories burned, the time spent as well as the amount of laps you have completed. Hula hoop to improve fitness help you lose weight from your hips and waist for the perfect body shape.

5. It is easy to use

Simply ensure you’re wearing a shirt before you use the exercise hula hoops if you’re prone to sagging skin. If you don’t, it could result in skin bruises. In case you’ve got a tight, tight skin tone it is possible to wear it without concerns! The weighted ball is made up of two plates made of metal (150 pounds each) you can alter the weight if you’re a beginner. Don’t let the outbreak deter you from your healthy life. Get your family in the direction of better health by using an effective hula hoop designed for both adults and children.

Fitness with Smart Hula Fitness Hoop You Bet!

Although the smart hula fitness hoop cannot replace HIIT, lifting weights or HIIT training but it is a better version of hula hoop, it can be a fun and effective aerobic exercise to add to your routine, especially if you’re bored doing crunches or walking on cardio machines. Hula-hooping can be fun and it costs almost nothing. What are you waiting to try hula-hooping? Hooping is a great sport!

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If you enjoyed this article, and would like to see more news about Smart Hula Hoop? Check out our Facebook Page! Follow us to receive updates directly in your newsfeed. Don’t miss another story.

Smart Hula Hoop Right Solution to Your Weight Loss

A weighted hula hoop of the right size can make or break your hula hoop workout. Read our guide before experimenting with different options if you’re not sure what size is right for you. We discuss the shape, size, and type of hula hoops in this article on how to use them.

How Is A Hula Hoop Made?

Hula hoops are made from a variety of materials. Polyethylene plastic is the most common material used in beginner adult hula hoops. Exercise is made easier with this lightweight. Weighted hula hoops are also available, potentially made from other materials.

Hula Hoop Size For Beginners

If you are just starting out doing hula hoops for fitness, you can create an easier workout by choosing a larger hoop. Some people also find a heavier hoop is helpful in allowing them to learn how to do the motion. Smart Hula Hoop for adult weight loss can not burn body fat quickly but also help you get your perfect body shape.

What is the Average Size For An Adult Hula Hoop?

An average-sized adult hula hoop is between 23” and 48” in diameter. Most well-known hula hoop brands sell products with these measurements. It is generally not recommended to buy a hoop larger than this.

Hold A Hula Hoop to Your Belly Button

A starting guideline for selecting the right size hula hoop for exercise is to take the hoop and position it vertically on the ground. Ideally, it will reach 3 inches above your belly button. This indicates the hoop is large enough to fit around you comfortably.

For A Beginner, What is the Best Size Hula Hoop?

If you’re just starting out and haven’t tried hula hoop for cardio before, record your height in inches. Divide this number by two. Then, add a few inches. This is probably where you want to start.

How Size Impacts How Fast A Hula Hoop Spins

The larger the hula hoop, the slower it spins. This is why large is good for beginners. A more challenging workout can be found with a smaller size hula hoop. The smaller it is, the faster your reaction time will need to be to catch it as it comes around.

Best Hula Hoop For Pregnancy Weight Loss

Alkanay Smart fitness Hula Hoops for Women Weight Loss. List of Benefits :

1.Won’t fall off:- Simple to involve in any event, for beginners Compared with the customary hula hoop, the Smart Hula Fitness Hoop is more helpful in light of the fact that it won’t tumble off after turn, which tackles the issue of trouble for fledglings

2.Multifunctional Hula Hoop:- Fat consuming impacts can be accomplished rapidly with a hoola circle for wellness. Simultaneously, it has a back rub capability to take out weakness. It is the most valuable item for wellness, weight reduction and after-work exhaustion.

3.Simple to Install, Size Adjustable:- Hula hoop has 16 detachable knots, fits different individuals, appropriate for midsection outlines up to 48 Inches. Every connector is solid and simple to set up. After dismantling, it is put away in a crate, which is helpful to take anyplace.

45 Minutes Workout:- 45 Minutes Jog Hula circle grown-up practice is an effective fat consuming activity. Utilizing a shrewd tire loop wellness can more readily facilitate the body muscles, so a cadenced five-minute hula band exercise can accomplish the preparation impact of a 45-minute walk, saving a ton of time and permitting you to practice and get thinner at home.

5. Fulfillment Guarantee:- At Simplify, on the off chance that you are not happy with the item, you can email us and we will track down a good arrangement in time.

4 Great Reasons to Give Hula Hoop Fitness a Go

Over the last 3 years or so, it’s safe to say that the vast majority of us have gained a few additional pounds, which we’re likely struggling to get rid of.

Thanks to lockdowns, gym closures, and stress eating and drinking in general, more people are currently overweight than ever before, and that must change. Now, it’s easy to sit there and talk about how easy losing weight is on paper when, in reality, weight loss is one of the toughest, most stressful processes in the world.

If you’re struggling with your fitness levels and want to lose weight, along with a caloric restrictive diet, plenty of exercise is also recommended, which is where hula hooping comes into the fray.

Hula fitness is currently all the rage, and with quality products like the Smart Hula Fitness Hoop, 360 Degree Fitness Weighted Hula Hoop now in high demand, it’s easy to see why.

If you’re considering taking up hula fitness, here are 4 great reasons to do so.

Better on the back

Gone are the days of hula hooping with rigid hoops of hard plastic as nowadays we have products such as the Smart 360 Degree Fitness Weighted Hula Hoop instead.

Thanks to the hula hoop’s 360-degree magnetic therapy massage feature, as you’re hula hooping this helps to eliminate back pain and discomfort commonly associated with everyday hula hoops. This is great news for people that suffer with back issues as it means they can hula hoop without having to worry about any pain and discomfort in and around the back.

Burn calories

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of hula hooping is the fact that it serves as such an effective form of exercise for burning calories.

If you want to lose weight, a caloric deficit is essential and hula hooping will help you to burn off more calories in order to achieve this.

Hula hooping is a fairly strenuous form of physical exertion and it can be compared to other popular aerobic activities such as dancing.

Depending on how hard you work, you can expect to burn off between 165 and 200 calories with just 30 minutes of moderate intensity hula hooping. Not bad, huh?

Great for the heart

Another reason why hula hooping is proving to be so popular is down to the fact that it’s so great for the heart.

Hula hooping is an awesome form of cardiovascular fitness, which means that it works the heart and the lungs, while boosting circulation in the process.

Cardiovascular exercise is so important as cardiovascular disease claims more lives each year than any other disease, so the stronger and healthier your heart and cardiovascular system is, the better.

Stronger core

Finally, the last benefit of hula hooping that we have today is the fact that it helps to strengthen your core.

When you hula hoop, you constantly need to keep your hips moving in order to rotate the hoop and keep it around your waist. To keep the hoop moving, you need to engage and utilize your core muscles. The more you use them, the stronger your core will be.

A strong core will help to improve strength, balance, mobility and coordination so again, hula hooping is ideal for achieving all of these things.