Smart Hula Ring


Smart Hula Ring


Noiseless Smart Hula Ring Hoop NZ – Stage I (for beginner’s & Intermediate)

You can buy additional extra links as per your waist size. The each link measurement is 3 Inches.

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The most advanced fitness technology is the smart hula hoop detachable exerciser. This raises the standard hula hoop exercise to a completely new revolution in adult weight loss. The back pain that you often suffer with standard traditional hula hoops are eliminated by the 360-degree fitness-weighted hula hoop. The smart hula ring hoop is a powerful fat-burner and slimming tool. It is easily adjustable to accommodate any waist size from 23 inches to 48 inches very easily.

The smart weighted hula hoop is the ideal remedy for various health issues like obesity and an imbalanced lifestyle, lack of time for appropriate exercise, and expensive rates for gym subscriptions and equipment. When you travel or are confined to your house, take this smart hula fitness hoop with you. Every knot is easily detachable and quickly reassembled. It is safe to store it in your luggage or gym bag. This smart hula hoop is a premium quality and lightweight. I recommend this smart hula hoop NZ for those who are overweight, for people who spend all day at a desk working or studying, and for new mothers who want to lose their postpartum weight and get back in shape.


Smart digital screen displays number of rotations, time elapsed, and calories burned.


Soothing magnetic therapy massage relieves muscle fatigue and tension in the lower back, side obliques, and abs muscles.


The adjustable circumference can fit any waist size; easily adjust the weight of the gravity ball to control workout intensity.


Made of sturdy ABS plastic and stainless steel bearings for maximum safety and durability; small and lightweight for convenient portability.


  1. 360° Magnetic Massager: Provides full midsection massage that eliminates fatigue and helps burn fat.
  2. Accurate Digital Counter: Accurately displays how many rotations, time spent, and calories burned for an informative workout
  3. Adjustable Gravity Sphere: Workout intensity can be adjusted by adjusting the length of the rope connected to the gravity sphere, as well as the weight of the sphere for a personalized workout program.
  4. Silicone Massage Head: Made of silent silicone rollers that are skin-friendly and make zero noise, perfect even when the baby is sleeping.
  5. Detachable Design: easily add or remove connecting segments to fit the waist of the user to prevent it from falling off.


  • Burn 3 times more calories due to it’s weighted and magnetic massage functions, slim down midsection fast and shape the buttocks and thighs
  • Keep track of your progress and calories burned
  • Get 360° massage on your midsection for proper circulation, lymphatic drainage, and muscle tension release
  • Easy to use as it eliminates the possibility of hula hoop falling off
  • Fits a wide range of sizes from skinny to plus size, 23 inch minimum waist size to 48 inch maximum waist size
  • Suitable for children’s and adults, especially postpartum mothers
  • Reduce midsection fat, trim the waist, and shape the buttocks
  • Reduce workout fatigue and muscle pain


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